Most Potent staff sharing the love

We also love to get our hands dirty.
Well, some of us do.


It starts with love.

Love for ourselves. Love for our health.
Love for our planet.

This love fuels our passion for making natural supplements that improve the world.

We craft pure formulas in small batches using
only the most potent ingredients that create
positive changes for people.

We think if everyone can reach their most potential, the world will be a better place.

Our Mission

We want to help people reach their most potential
by creating the most potent health supplements
with natural ingredients, clear labels, and
powerful results backed by science. 

We're obsessive (in a good way)

We obsess over our ingredients.

All natural ingredients, botanicals, extracts, vitamins, and minerals are different. Their quality can change from year to year.

We prioritize freshness and purity when choosing the organic, hand-picked plants and natural compounds that go into our products.

We trace all ingredients to their origins, ensuring the environment and the local communities are protected and cherished.

We like to get to know our farmers and see how they work. We like to get to know our suppliers and ask a lot of questions.

We take the time to understand where each ingredient comes from, how it was grown, and how it was harvested.

We're obsessive, but we like to know we have the purest and most potent ingredients for every batch we make.

As our sources and science evolves, so do our products.

Ashwagandha plants in india are harvested
Ashwagandha roots drying in the sun after harvest
tongkat ali longjack root harvest
Eurycoma longfolia jack longjack tongkat ali slice

It takes a village

We are a California company. Our main office and fulfillment teams are in Northern California. Our research lab and manufacturing groups are in Southern California in a certified cGMP, NSF registered facility that exceeds all FDA standards.

Even though we are based in California, we consider the whole planet our home.

We source materials from every corner of the world for our products. We partner with people who 'think global and act local' when it comes to preserving the earth.

These are just a few of the organizations that help us make the world better:

We test three times

We take the products we make. We would never put something in them that we wouldn’t want in ourselves.

To ensure quality and authenticity, every ingredient must pass three levels of testing:

1. We require all of our farmers and suppliers to test their materials for pollutants and contaminants.
2. We verify their results with our own round of purity and potency testing.
3. After the ingredients are blended, we send the new formulas to an independent lab for a final round of testing.

All of our products are tested before and after manufacturing to ensure the ingredients inside are an exact match to the labels on the outside.

This gives us the confidence that we are making and taking the highest quality supplements.

Most Potent Supplement Formulation Lab Testing
Most Potent tests the microbiology of all ingredients
Most Potent testing the supplements for purity
Most Potent final production run of CHARGE formula

Lab tests are great but we know the real test happens in the mind and body.

So every time we manufacture a product - whether it is a new formula or a repeat production run - we try it first. We ask our loved ones to try it too. And we send a free bottle to 100 people and ask them to try it. After 20 days, we ask about their progress. After 30 days, we ask for their feedback.

This real world data ensures we are making the best supplements in the world.

We make it easy

All of our products come with our 100-Day + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This means you have 100 days to try them, feel them, and fall in love with them. If you still don't like them on that 100th day, then we will give you a full refund.

We understand. Everyone is different. Every supplement is different. Some supplements help some people, and some supplements don't work for some people.

We love feedback and we are always trying to improve. We also want to help. So if one of our products isn't helping you, then tell us about it.