Why Most Potent makes the best supplements

Live a positive life

We hold a passion for creating products that are good for all people and the planet.


Here's how we stay positive:


Powered by science

The truth starts with proof. Before we even begin making a product, our science team reviews all of the information and research studies on a specific health condition. We ask doctors and nutritionists what natural solutions are most helpful to the most people.

What ingredients have immediate relief? At what levels? Which work long-term?

We let the experts and the research tell us which ingredients and what forms have the most potential.


Farm to feeling

We obsess over ingredients. We are on a constant search for organic, wild-harvested plants and the purest, most natural compounds on the earth. We trace all ingredients to their origins, ensuring the environment and the local community is protected and cherished. 

We take the time to understand where each compound comes from, how it was made, and how it is best delivered to the mind and body. No questionable fillers, toxic binders, genetic modifications, or mystery sugars. Only vegan-friendly ingredients.


Keep it small

Most supplements are made in massive batches on an industrial scale. Anytime a company makes a large amount of one thing, they value cost over quality.

All natural botanicals, extracts, vitamins, and minerals are different. Their quality can change from year to year. Most supplement companies ignore this for the sake of cost.

We like to get to know our farmers and see how they work. We like to get to know our suppliers and ask a lot of questions. We make sure we are getting the most potent forms of each ingredient and we worry about cost later.

We only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients available to make our small-batch supplement formulas. This makes them most potent.


Trusted testing

We take the products we make. We would never put something in them that we wouldn’t want to in ourselves.

Every ingredient passes through many levels of testing. Before we get any ingredients, we require all of our farmers and suppliers to test them for pollutants and contaminants. When we receive the ingredients, we verify their results with our own round of purity and potency testing.

After the ingredients are blended, we send the final formulas to a third-party lab for a final round of testing.

Lab tests are great but we know the real test happens in the mind and body.

So every time we manufacture a product - whether it is a new formula or a repeat production run - we try it first. We ask our loved ones to try it too. And we send a free bottle to 100 people and ask them to try it. After 20 days, we ask about their progress. After 30 days, we ask for their feedback.


Guaranteed and easy

All of our products come with our 100-Day + 100% Full Refund Guarantee. This means, you have 100 days to try them, feel them, and fall in love with them. If you still don't like them on that 99th day, then we will give you a full refund.

We understand. Everyone is different. Every supplement is different. Some supplements help some people, and some supplements don't work for some people. 

We love feedback and we are always trying to improve. We also want to help. So if one of our products isn't helping you, then tell us about it.    


Your most potential

Living a positive life leads to the most potential.

We hope our natural formulas help you to take the best care of yourself, the people you love, and the world around you.